• This "Before Photo" shows the basic shape of the deck area with an otherwise dated and dysfunctional layout.

  • The new deck is much more open and relaxing.

  • Another view of the open deck reveals the Zen garden elements.

  • Design elements mixed with different rock types add wonderful textures.

  • Another view of the the varying types of rock textures with some organic shapes to make a striking design installation.

  • View from the Deck looking out. There is a creek on the other side of the fence.

  • For outdoor entertaining the dining room table, complete with casters, can be wheeled outdoors under the retractable shade sails.

  • Looking out from the living room and dining room, these large patio doors open up to allow for maximum enjoyment of this installation.

  • This photo is duplicated/split here to show the side door's view complete and with details, such as accent lighting for evenings outdoors.

San Jose: Before / After

This San Jose garden won an APLD Landscape Design Award of Merit for 2011!

September issue of San Francisco Chronicle and the November issue of Sunset Magazine.
This landscape design project is a fusion of contemporary with Japanese Zen garden elements. The result is an amazing outdoor living space. The first photograph is before the design began and the rest are the transformation designed by Patricia St. John.